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ViralVideo WP Theme
Want to generate evergreen and repetitive traffic from your Traffic100k videos?? Post your videos to your Wordpress blog as well with ViralVideo Theme.

ViralVideo will enable you to create almost any type of site where users can join and become members with absolute ease. 

ViralVideo is a beautifully designed and built to be engaging, fast and most importantly boost viral traffic with simple features that will help keep your visitors on your site.

(Value $97)

Exclusive Bonus #2
Viral Secrets Exposed
Combine these strategies with your usual marketing to maximise your results with it. The SECRET code to going viral, confessions of a viral media spy.
  • Uncovers secrets to getting your content to driving 1000s, and even 1,000,000 of hits overnight
  • Easiest way to make all your content share worthy, assuring it goes viral
  • How to put your viral campaign on Autopilot, giving you hands-free delivery of incentives.

(Value $27)

Exclusive Bonus #3
Rapid Instagram Profits
Just getting started With Instagram? Learn the Secrets To Rapidly Turn Instagram Into A Profit Pulling Machine. How To Market Like A Pro On Instagram In 8 Simple Steps. 

Here's what you'll learn inside:

- Study the existing niches supported by Instagram currently 
- Select a specific niche
- Find Instagram influencers in your niche
- Reverse engineer your niche influencer's content
- Reverse engineer their descriptions 
- Post only photos and videos that are of better quality 
- Engage with niche influencers 
- Put your squeeze page URL in your profile page 

(Value $37)

Exclusive Bonus #4
Modern Vlogging
Doing something that you love and recording it to share with the world and making money at the same time.

Vlogging is becoming increasingly more popular and there has never been a better time to start a vlog.

People really enjoy watching high quality vlogs and some vloggers have subscribers in the millions. But you don’t need millions of subscribers to make money from vlogging.

You can have a lot less subscribers that make a full time income and more from your vlogging activities..
- What is Vlogging?
- Ideas for Profitable Vlogs
- Starting a Successful Vlog
- Creating Great Videos
- Optimizing your YouTube Videos
- Promoting your Vlog
- Free Tools for Growing your YouTube Channel
- Ways to Monetize your Vlog
- Vlogging Best Practices

(Value $37)

Exclusive Bonus #5
666,317 YouTube Views CASE STUDY!
How to properly leverage the power of YouTube, the second largest search engine online! See the exact video that got over 666,317 views and the exact strategy and method behind it.

In this 6-part Over-the-shoulder video course, we take you through the entire process of how to start a fresh Youtube channel and generate real targeted traffic from YouTube!

(Value $97)

Exclusive Bonus #6
How To Become A Successful Social Media Influencer
Becoming an influencer or being considered an influencer is not only about having many followers. It is about having your opinion followed and considered by a particular audience. And at the same time, this implies a lot of hard work that involves a lot of learning, perseverance, and dedication.

Brands love social media influencers because they encourage their followers to buy products they promote.

2021 will be the best year for influencers.

Here is what you'll learn in this step by step guide:
  • ​How Influencers Generate Their Income
  • ​How To Go Viral
  • ​ ​How To Use Hashtags & Challenges The Right Way
  • ​ What's The Most Important Things When Selecting Your Niche
  • ​How To Use Captions And Hashtags Like A Pro On Instagram
  • How To Use Analyze Your Audience And Create Viral Posts
  • ​How To Set Yourself Ready To Be Contacted By Brands For Promotions
  • ​​Things You Should Never Do As An Influencer
  • ​How To Setup Your Youtube Channel The Right Way
  • ​Analyzing Your Channel Data For Maximum Exposure

(Value $27)

Exclusive Bonus #7
$10,060 & 6,424 Leads 
How Gaurab Made $10,060 In Commissions & Generated 6,424 Leads With One Of My Campaign! I used a combination of Facebook Ads, Solo Ads, Social Traffic to achieve it.

The strategies you’re going to learn below are the exact strategies he use in his business. If you’re looking to build a long-term, reliable and profitable online business, then watch this 3-Part Case Study and mostly importantly – TAKE ACTIONS!

(Value $127)

Personal Branding Blueprint
The Personal Branding Blueprint is the one-stop shop for everything you will need to know to own a successful personal brand.

This eBook takes you on a journey through the branding process, asking you questions about your dream life in order to make your brand fit it.

Here is what you'll learn:
  • ​What exactly a personal brand is and why it is so important
  • ​How to understand yourself to better create a brand
  • ​Information on what to look for when defining your target audience
  • ​Deciding what you have to offer your audience
  • ​Methods to help your audience trust you
  • ​Why you need to be authentic
  • ​The keys to consistent branding
  • ​Information on the benefits of different platforms
  • ​The top secrets to deciding which media will be right for you
  • ​The kinds of content strategies you should aim for
  • ​How to get your audience to believe you are an authoritative voice and expert in your industry
  • ​The smallest details that often get overlooked that will make you seem unprofessional
  • ​Helpful reminders to ensure that you are reaching your target audience

(Value $27)

Exclusive Bonus #9
StoryTelling Marketing
Discover how powerful a story can be when integrated into your marketing campaigns! This style of authority-building will help connect you with die-hard fans in your market!

Boosting exposure and skyrocketing sales is drop-dead easy when you power up your campaigns with the right story.

Uncover the different styles of story-telling and how to choose the best one for your business easily! Even if you've never harnessed the power of effective story-telling before, I'll show you exactly how to get started!

(Value $27)

Exclusive Bonus #10
Discover The 10 Psychological Triggers That Convert Leads Into Customers!

The mind is the root of every action and reaction in our world. What we do physically is merely the manifestation of what’s going on in our mind. Our actions are extensions of our thoughts. 

Customers, consumers or clients are no different. People decide under the influence of psychological triggers. 

While there are dozens of elements that can influence the psyche of an individual, here are the ten most important psychological triggers that convert leads into customers.

(Value $27)